DTLA Book is a must-read and collectible hardcover annual coffee table guide/year book about Downtown Los Angeles. Get to know where to eat, drink, shop, play and who's who.
DTLA Book 2019 — Designers
DTLA Book 2019 — Sneakers
DTLA Book 2019 — Murals
DTLA Book 2019
DTLA Book 2019
DTLA Book 2019

DTLA Book 2019

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Whether you look at the political landscape, the cultural scene or the entrepreneurial arena, there is no doubt that an amazing amount of female energy is floating around, and we featured many of them in this book. A sweet and glowing red rose neon art on our cover (by Leticia Maldonado) is dedicated to each one of them, you and us. What's more? Murals, sneaker shops, fashion designers, chef couples, beautiful pictorial on Angels Flight, and Bronzeville.